Thursday, December 8, 2011

Elf Slippers

Busy, busy, busy!  So much to do and not enough time.  You always begin these projects too late.  The Advent calendar needed to be done by the first of December so that is what I worked on along with preparations for the turkey.  Little dresses, scarfs and elf slippers came next.   This post is the elf slipper tutorial for those of you asking how these are done.  A quick and easy project and fun to do. When completed the little toes are wrapped in a blanket warm and cozy!

Use this  photo to begin with a pattern.  This size fits my grand-daughter(Age2)loosely.  The sole on the grid is 8 inches and the foot is about 9.5 inches. This size should fit most children age 2-5.  I tried them on the older girls that are age 61/2 and they were a little snug.  For the older girls I just increased the sole and the elf slipper foot by 1/2 inch. After cutting out the pattern made from a sheet of paper the fun begins.

Using green fleece you use the pattern to cut four foot pieces and two sole pieces per foot.  That's right 8 foot pieces and 4 foot pieces yield two slippers.  One for each foot!  If you fold your fleece you can cut two at a time to save energy and time.  Sounds like a lot, no?  The reason you need so many is they are lined.  I found some cotton batting left over from some quilts made in the past and sandwiched the batting between the sole and foot pieces of fleece.  You need a total of two fleece foot pieces and one sole piece for each foot.

The 6year old girls are twins and they have a strong need of ownership.  So, I used a machine embroidered motif.  Each ribbon a different color to identify whose is whose!

Sew the sandwiched sections together(right sides together) about 1/8 of an inch to enclose the cotton batting. Now sew(1/4 inch) the two sections of the foot together at the heel and along the top down to where the sole will be attached.  The above photo is a caution reminder on where to stop.  You want the sole of the foot to fit nicely around. Attach the sole to the foot bed right sides together.  Trim the pointy part of the toe and turn right side out.  I use a crochet hook to yield a real nice tip.  Last but not least attach the bell so you can hear those little feet having fun playing elves!
Oma's Elf Slippers!