Friday, November 25, 2011

This is my first post with google blogger.  It is Black Friday 2011.  A good day to sit and post as I would not want to be in a mall, on a street or in a car on this day.  I am older and I am wiser. No, certainly not a day to shop for me. It is also a good day to sit and rest after a week of cleaning, shopping and cooking.  Not to mention the clean up after a Turkey meal!  After digesting and absorbing my thoughts along with the food,  I am now ready to share.  At the beginning of the holiday I ponder on where is today's version on proper etiquette for invitations, napkins and traditions. This holiday is the same but different from years gone by.  The dining room is the size it has always been so why does it feel smaller?  The family has grown in size and we have lived a fortunate life.  Much to be thankful for.  Like so many others in our country all family members do not live local.  The comfort and cost of travel can be discouraging.  We are thankful when family can make it home and we have the occasion to share the meal.  We are greatful to share in all that is relative to our days.  The eye opening experience yesterday, the opportunity to see our newest grand-daughter in the womb of her mom on big screen TV!  Wow, new technologies never cease to amaze!  Tucked close to the heart is the sound of grand-childrens prayers and family members embracing and sharing.  Yes, these warm and close moments are what make all the work worth it.  No worries on etiquette here, just a simple family enjoying simple pleasures thankful to have the holiday of Thanksgiving!